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About Us

About us

Headquartered in Jalandhar, Punjab, Capital Small Finance Bank began operations as India’s first small finance bank (SFB) in April 2016 after conversion from Capital Local Area Bank. Prior to conversion to a small finance bank, Capital Local Area Bank was operating as India’s largest local area bank since January 14, 2000. Running our legacy to build a retail focused banking franchise by enabling access for middle income group customers to affordable credit in the states Bank operates, we have cemented our position as one of the most prominent SFBs in India. We achieved this by continuously enhancing our capabilities in various metrics, including asset quality, cost of funds, retail deposits, and CASA deposits. Our banking expertise spans over two decades, during which we evolved from the largest local area bank to an SFB. Our banking portfolio offers a diverse range of asset and liability products and various third-party products/services as well. In our asset category, we cater to agricultural needs, micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), and trading requirements, including working capital and machinery financing. We also provide mortgages, predominantly for housing loans.

At Capital Small Finance Bank, our exceptional growth and superior asset quality, in comparison to other SFBs, can be credited to welldiversified loan portfolio emphasizing income generation, a consistent emphasis on secured lending, continuous customer engagement, the adoption of structured underwriting practices, and rigorous credit assessment & risk management strategies.

We leverage technology to boost digital payment methods and communicate with customers, aiming to sustain and amplify our customer transactions. Our overarching goal is to elevate the overall customer experience by broadening our technological adoption.


To provide superior banking service, focused on customers’ needs.

To contribute to the economic development of the area through innovative ideas, technology and new products.

To maintain a long-lasting and trustworthy relationship with the local community.

Our Legacy
  • Net Profit of the Bank crossed `₹93 crores registering a growth of 50% over the previous FY with total business crossing ₹12,000 crores mark.Share of Digital Transactions in non-cash transactions increased to 81%


  • 2022

    Net Profit of the Bank zoomed to ₹63 crores registering a growth of 53.42% over previous FY

  • The total number of customers of the Bank reached ~6 lacs Total business of the Bank crossed ₹8,900 crores


  • 2020

    Equity of ₹134 crores raised through private placement

  • Total business of the Bank crossed ₹6,000 crores


  • 2018

    The total number of branches of the Bank crossed 100

  • Equity of ₹65 crores raised through private placement


  • 2013

    The bank expanded its operations into Ludhiana and Amritsar, thereby extending its outreach to a total of five districts.

  • Total business of the Bank crossed ₹1,000 crores


  • 2000

    Incorporation of the Bank. Started operations as a local area bank in Jalandhar, Kapurthala and Hoshiarpur

What Sets Us Apart

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Retail-Focused Liability Franchise

Sustained Asset Quality

Professional and Experienced Leadership

Consistent track record of growth & Performance

Leveraging technology for scalability and profitable growth

Streamlined credit assessment processes and risk management practices

A wholesome bouquet of products and services

Our Commitment


Capital Small Finance Bank is committed to giving back. Our CSR focus includes boosting education, promoting sports, and enhancing healthcare. We run centers for underprivileged children's education and invest in addressing socio-economic disparities.

Through targeted financial aid, we're making impactful contributions to education, rural sports, and healthcare.


Capital Small Finance Bank also acknowledges the significance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors in fostering sustainable growth and delivering long-term value for all stakeholders.

We pledge to embed ESG considerations within our business operations and decision-making.