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Home Insurance

Losing something valuable is always followed by a bout of sadness and despair. After the initial stage of shock wears off, you may have to do some strong-willed stock taking of the loss incurred. With House Insurance, you’re assured of total peace of mind in terms of the financial impact of such losses. You might wonder as to the basis on which the extent of coverage is determined. After all, you’d expect good returns on the home insurance premium that you pay.

We offer 4 plans under Home Insurance. They are as follows:

  • Indemnity Basis Plans: This implies that damage or loss to the insured property or item is compensated after a deduction for wear and tear.
  • Reinstatement Value Basis Plans: Here you get an identical replacement for the damaged article. Note, however, that the value and specifications of the replacement will essentially be equal to the one damaged, not any higher.
  • New for Old Basis Plans: The replacement cost is paid in full for items damaged beyond repair.
  • Agreed Value Basis Plans: Agreed value basis means the loss will be settled by us on the value of the property or content agreed by the insured at the time of purchasing the insurance policy.