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3-IN-1 Demat Cum Trading Account

3-in-1 Demat Cum Trading Account

You can now integrate your existing or newly opened CSFB Savings Account with a Trading & Demat account from Motilal Oswal Financial Services to enjoy the benefits of 3-in-1 Banking, Demat & Trading. Apart from our banking facilities, you can invest in Equity, PMS, Commodities, Currency, Stock SIP, IAP, IPO (Initial Public Offer), UPI based instant fund transfer through UPI only if UPI ID and 3-IN-1 Account is linked with same CSFB account through Motilal Oswal Investor or Trader Mobile Apps, Web platforms, Mapped Advisor or even through Call & Trade facility.

The 3-in-1 Account refer to:

Saving Account: The payment or receipt of funds for all transactions are done through the CSFB bank account linked with the trading account and Demat Account. Customer will be required to maintain the required Minimum Average Balance (MAB) in Savings Account as per the product guidlines.

Demat Account: The demat account is used to hold securities (such as shares, bonds and debentures etc) in electronic form. This service in India is provided by two depositories -NSDL and CDSL. These two depositories have the authority to enrol agents known as depository participant (DP) to provide demat services. MOFSL is acting as a DP who can maintain the demat account of its customers on behalf of depositories.

Trading Account: The MOFSL trading account is used to buy and sell securities. These securities are credited or debited to the linked demat account. In a 3-IN-1 Account, all these accounts are linked together for seamless transactions among them.

Exclusive advantages for Capital Small Finance Bank account holders on opening a Trading account with MOFSL:

  • Free Trading Account Opening.
  • Dedicated advisor to help you buy / sell shares.
  • Expert advice for investing in different segments like Equity, Commodity and Currency.
  • Call and trade facility during market hours for easy & quick trading.
  • Mobile Apps, Web & Desktop EXE platforms for investing & trading independently.
  • Range of Unique products to help you trade & invest.
  • Instant Account Opening: – For the individual Non NRI accounts where mobile number is linked with AADHAR customer can opt for Instant Account opening.


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How to apply for 3-IN-1 Demat Cum Trading Account?

Visit your nearest branch: To begin the process, bring your KYC documents and passport-sized photographs to your nearest branch. You can fill out the application form at the branch to get started.

Customer Care: Call us at 1800 120 1600, one of our representatives will get in touch with you.

Email: Mail us as at lead@capitalbank.co.in with your Name, Contact Number, Address & Message. One of our representatives will get in touch with you.


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